Until recently scientists scholars aging diet “claimed that restricting caloric intake by 30%, without malnutrition, was the sole deciding factor for prolonging life.

When consumption of carbon hydrates -present Stoffwechselkur LifePlus sweet potatoes baked goods fritas- is high, the risk of generating resistance to insulin in the body is created. The same applies to the high-glycemic foods such as potatoes, candy, sugary cereals and white flour products. This condition in turn increases the risk of diabetes because the cells do not respond to insulin, which accumulates the amount of blood glucose. The accumulation of sugar glucose in the blood, if that were not enough, it also promotes heart disease.

For similar reasons, vegetarians have a lower risk of developing osteoporosis. As animal products induce bone decalcification, eating meat promotes osteoporosis. This disease is less common in countries where vegetarianism predominates, when compared with the United States, 10 although in the latter calcium intake is higher.

In recent years the reputation associated with the fish has been linked to omega-3 essential fatty acids one can not produce the body from other substances-are polyunsaturated “- and found in abundance in certain types of fish. Science long supported and encouraged consumption. Studies suggest that it was good for the heart, brain development and growth.

In fact today we Europeans will live more years, thanks to that part of the population still follows the Mediterranean diet, but we are also the least quality of life we ​​will have in these recent years, partly because from of a certain age, by a sedentary lifestyle because they eat more than they should, for the two things together, both men and women start to get fat … and do not usually stop.