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Indicators relieved by the company showed that the local market of the offices of luxury in the city and in the North of greater Buenos Aires area remained unchanged during the first three months of the year, compared the last quarter of 2014. “The only warning signal is the disappearance of new projects under construction; only indicator showing downward. With expectations increasing face the imminent presidential change, begins to glimpse a future lack of premium office spaces offer”, they stressed.

The “stock” of offices class A and A + presented a minimum increase during the first months of the year and is located at about 1.45 million square meters of offices, with an increase in the “Downtown” market with the addition of a new office building on Alem Avenue at 800.

The current vacancy rate is 11%, but the areas with more available space are Macrocentro, with 23.50% (partly because of the slow occupation of new buildings and major) and Puerto Madero South with 18.40%. “This slowdown in the pace of new projects of corporate office buildings presents a complication in the future as international companies to regain confidence in the Argentina again. Considering that any development for this type of buildings it takes between 18 and 30 months, will come times of lack of supply”, warned CBRE in their analysis. The volatility of real estate cycles is a result of the delay between growth of demand and supply response.

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