Researchers at the University of Illinois (USA) have developed a circuit capable of automatically returning the electrical conductivity parts of it that have lost some breakage. At present, a failure of this nature requires changing the chip, and are becoming more common mistakes due to increased density with which these devices are manufactured.

The system, however, has its cracks. Best Drone Does not provide complete security because the data can be copied before they expire and reloaded on the Web. And while this demands a much larger research effort to clarify that it is very unlikely that people devote to store photos and texts of their acquaintances and friends on a large scale.

With EyeDetect you can expand operations to meet demand relatively quickly because detection specialist, trained to use this technology, you can manage 10 to 12 tests a day, “said Wattley. The first customer of EyeScan, Manzanillo International Terminal based in Panama, used EyeDetect to ensure that security staff that manages and monitors the thousands of containers that pass through the canal each day is not involved in illegal activities.

It certainly is an interesting device that would improve road safety in Argentina, but it could also be exported to other countries as an effective security measure in frequented by major logistical routes trucking routes. If not before solve the economic cost of implementing this technology on a large scale.

Converus (with truth “) is committed to providing reliable technological solutions for detecting lies. EyeDetect is an alternative technology for detecting lies; It is an accurate, economical, efficient, safe and noninvasive method for companies to manage their risks and make sure they have integrity in the workplace, and that the law enforcement agencies and governments can detect deception.