Welcome to my new good Post on this occasion I bring a list of 10 good games for pc, MapleStory 2 with fewer requirements.

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As master Templar in the Holy Land, Christian Kings named general of an immense army to defeat the infidels. Start a campaign with 26 missions based on historical events in which you will face pagan tribes that plague Northern Europe and bloodthirsty Mongol warriors advancing from the East.

Other owners that let us E3 2015 was confirmation of the version for PC of ‘ Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’ and with some extra added on Xbox One, as the mouse and keyboard 4 K resolution support. You could not miss, of course, since already the original ‘Gears of War’ came out both on Xbox 360 (2006) and PC (2007). Unfortunately on this occasion nor will leave both versions at the same time, but we do not believe it is much delayed in time the Windows 10. Xbox One, remember, it will do so on August 25, 2015.

You can choose the games that you like in the following categories: puzzle games, racing games, Match 3 games, shooting games, games for girls, hidden objects games and many more. California as well as Nevada’s 90, the age of gangs and mobsters. Cars, clothes and buildings are in such conditions. One of the best games of terror in history, and for some the best delivery of all the Silent Hill saga.